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The Countryside around York
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General description (see the Area Map on the Maps Page)

York is situated in the Vale of York, an area of flat fertile land, crossed by rivers flowing from the Pennines in the West across to the North Sea 40 miles to the East. The Pennines are an upland ridge running from the Scottish border down to Derbyshire - about 200 miles in length.

The area to the West of York is comprised of limestone and gritstone, cut by West-East and East-West flowing rivers. The valleys on the Eastern side of the Pennines are known as the Yorkshire Dales.

To the North of York lies first the Howardian Hills, a series of low ridges, and then, about 35 miles from York, the upland area called the North Yorks Moors, separating North Yorkshire from the industrial area of Teeside.

To the East of York, is an upland chalk area called the Yorkshire Wolds; this must be crossed or by-passed to reach the North Sea coast.


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